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NANY 2011 RELEASE: Webcam Video Diary

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i will be asking for lots of feedback as i get going.

Careful what you ask for!  ;D

Careful what you ask for!  ;D
-CleverCat (May 14, 2010, 02:56 AM)
--- End quote ---

*Examines numerous definitions of "feedback" and puts microphone and amp close together*

Judging by the name I'm guessing it's going to be app's idea:

app: i am thinking of creating a companion for instant boss...instant mouser
mouser: :/
app: you run it and it ignores you
--- End quote ---

Except mouser, following his long standing tradition of giving his applications generic and weird names will just call it "Mouser App."

Or MAPP (mouser's App)  ;)


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