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NANY 2011 RELEASE: Webcam Video Diary

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NANY 2011 Release
Application Name Webcam Video Diary Short Description A program to help you quickly record, label, and manage videos and photos from your webcam throughout the day Supported OSes WinXp to Win7 Official Web Page and Download Official Forum Discussion Section Author Mouser

Webcam Video Diary is a program to help you to easily record lots of videos and snapshots from your webcam and keep notes associated with them.


* It can live in the system tray and take videos and snapshots via configurable hotkeys.
* It will auto name files and sort them into subdirectories based on the current date.
* It has a million options to control the format of recordings and the user interface so that you can configure it to work exactly the way you want it to.
* Text notes can be associated with each recording, which are kept in plaintext files matching the media file name.

(more screenshots on official webpage)

Comes with installer and has update support.  Setup installer may alternatively be unpacked with any unzip program and the program run portably without using the installer.  You will need to download a free license key to use the program permanently.

Setup program has uninstall support; no changes are made to your system or registry.

Known Issues
This is still in very early stages of development, so be prepared for some hiccups in current version.  Make sure you customize the video file format and compression options or you will end up with huge files.

Tease! :D

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Tease! :D

- Oshyan
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