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NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

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Perry Mowbray:
NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name ContactFX Version Short Description A versatile Addressbook and Contacts editor with FARR integration. Supported OSes Windows with .Net installed Web Page blog posts Download Link  Main panel complete!!.
Additional Files:
: DisplayName demonstrating dynamic field linking.
: Demonstrating user Fields.System Requirements
* .Net
* Should be portableVersion History
* 2010-10-13 ContactFX (230.54 kB - downloaded 976 times.)
* 2010-10-08
* 2010-09-30 Snippet for Comment
* 2010-09-17 Snippet for Comment
* 2010-08-17 Snippet for CommentAuthor Perry Mowbray

ContactFX (Cfx) will be an Addressbook programme with the following functionality (in impressive graphic format  ;)):

NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX


Here's where I'm planning to go with Cfx:

* Flexible editing and viewing options.

* Flexible card layout for each contact
* Contacts can have a little or a lot of data: only see the fields with data.
* Flexible import and export: very easy to get contacts both in and out of Contactfx in various formats.
* Off-line access: not dependant on a website or web application.
* Non-Cfx dependant search [e.g. via FARR]: FARR integration (FARRCfx) will give Contactfx very flexible system integration on the desktop.
* Non-Contactfx dependant access [e.g. via HTML on USB]: can take address book anywhere and access just via a browser.
Possible Features

* User defined fields and controls
* Contact templates
* FTP to private webspace
* Automated purchase and sending of birthday presents   ;)

Some preliminary screenshots:

FARRCfx Menu
NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

Display Contact
NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

Should be portable, so just unzip somewhere and run  :)

Using the Application
When the application runs it sits itself down in the System Tray, to open the Addressbook window use the context menu or double-click on the icon.

At the moment all you can do is:

* Addressbook

* Create a new contact

* Add fields to the Contact by dragging from the Control Pallet
* Edit the fields

* Add values
* Use functions currently:

* Initialise
* UCase
* Join
* Ternary
* Conditional Pad
* see this post for more details on functions
* Link Fields: Field links and functions give a powerful ability to automate contact records. To see this in action unzip (0.28 kB - downloaded 816 times.) into the userFields subFolder; this file will modify the default displayName field so that it dynamically aggregates the other name fields. See this post.
* User Fields: these are not fully implemented, but if you'd like a preview / play unzip (0.29 kB - downloaded 801 times.) into the userFields subFolder to create a new Nickname field. You can also make copies to create other new fields: make sure you give each a unique name otherwise you'll just be modifying an existing field.
* Edit labels (via context menu)
* Set width
* Set layout (fill width | add linebreak )
* save it back to the addressbook
* Open thus created contacts to view or edit
* Settings

* Change the few settings that are currently available (more will come)
* About

* Show the About window
* Follow some of the links  ;)
ContactFX is designed to be flexible by the user, with as few "rules" about how to set out any Contact. So although I've designated some suitable uses for the various parts of the Contact window, they wont be enforced in any way: each Contact's layout could be unique if that's what you wanted. Hopefully it'll become clearer when I've got a bit more functionality implemented, but I hope you get the idea.

NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

But the basic idea is that there will be the following types of containers:

* Main Panel

* Any field can be inserted into any panel, and a contact could just consist of one field in the main panel
* The main panel can be thought of comprising uncategorised fields (ie general information)
* Lists Panel

* A number of list panels can be added
* Useful for displaying lists of fields:

* Links
* Social Network sites
* Related Contacts
* Tab Panel

* A number of Tab Pages can be added to the Tab Panel
* Tab Pages add a category to the fields contained on the page
* For example:

* Home
* Work
* But could also be any other non-standard category
* Notes Panel

* A number of notes panels can be added
* Although any field can be added to a notes panel, the default layout will be full width.
* A notes field can be used to display plain text. The notes field will have extra functionality, including:

* Roll-up to Title
* Link to file
A mockup can be found on Cacoo.

This is the tentative roadmap that I'm working toward on my slow march to a 0.1 beta version  ;)

* Version 0.0.2: Basic Window Framework - Main Panel

* Name Fields (display name, first name, additional name, family name, formatted name)
* Drag and Drop (Move / Copy / Link )
* Copy & Paste
* Portable Configuration
* Command-line (-tray hides to tray on startup)
* Language Files (see \Settings\Language\English.xml)
* Version 0.0.3: Lists Panel

* List panels
* WebLink fields
* Version 0.0.4: Tab Panel

* Tab Pages
* Address Fields (POB, Extended, Street, Locality, Region)
* Categorization / Type Fields & Settings
* Version 0.0.5: Notes Panel

* Note Lists
* Note Fields (Internal / External)
* Tag Fields
* Version 0.0.6: Integration Functionality

* Command-line Options
* FarrCfx
* Addressbook Search / Filter
* Version 0.0.7: Data Fields

* Add remaining Data Fields
* User Fields
* User Field Editor
* Version 0.0.8: File Functionality

* Save / Import / Export
* Upload to FTP
* Backup
Should be able to just delete the files (although there will be some settings in the users directory).

Known Issues
Please remember that this application is still very much in development and most things don't work at the moment :-[ can also check for random postings on my blog as well.

Ooo, our first pledge! Sounds intriguing. :D

- Oshyan

Sounds intriguing Perry! ;D

Perry Mowbray:
Yes, we'll see. At the moment there are more questions than answers  :)

At the moment there are more questions than answers
-Perry Mowbray (May 13, 2010, 05:22 AM)
--- End quote ---
Not another quiz game!

Looking forward to learning more about your intriguing CFX.


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