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NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

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I've been looking for a functionally well-designed Contact List for years and sad to say there are none, although many are well-coded for what they do. I include the bloated Outlook through to much more humble offerings. I shall be following your development with this as often as I can. Just a few comments that perhaps may find a good home with you and your coding.

Bottom-line question as always is "what and how do you want to use the info contained in your <contacts> list".

It must be QUICK and show me within low seconds all records that contain the numbers and addresses associated with the search string entered AS YOU TYPE.
Search data could be any characters from any field apart from perhaps a Notes field unless you can index it well enough (as Evernote does) not to lose any speed despite data amounts increasing.

Apart from sitting at the keyboard to perform maintenance, all my queries need to be answered in seconds for things like :

A. Whose number is this that I have in my hand,
B. Who else is at this number I have.
C. What is xyz's mobile, or work, or fax number, or street address, or postal address, (allow flexibility in fields/columns shown when shortlisting search string results found)
D. What group or category does this contact belong to. (I have 1300 contacts across both business, leisure and multiple club activities (with booking contacts within the club activities))

For me that means the default view should be a List View (even if that needs to be 2-line per record with NO pretty lines separating the 2nd line), not a Form View. Leave Form View for maintenance, or an ability to quickly flick to it for adding notes possibly ?

1. Must have a (preferably single) hotkey (like FARR does) to open the running program. MUST be able to be brought up very quickly and simply. Loses major usefulness if it does not.
2. MUST have as-you-type shortlisting for all or any fields in every record in the database
3. One-click to open window when in systray (as Evernote does)
4. Single toggle button to switch Form/List View (preferably a hotkey within the program once its window has the focus rather than moving a mouse to click a button)

Examples of the functionality and responsiveness required can be found in software such as Evernote and Everything.
I use List Views much more often to aid in data maintenance too, rather than Form View.


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