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NANY 2011 Teaser Update: ContactFX

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I've been trying to find a good contacts program to replace the one in my Psion 5mx -- and, so far, haven't found anything I like.


portability (yes, I know that's an intention!)

connectability: I'd like to be able to import and export data between other places I might have contacts info now. Google Contacts would be useful, for instance.

Search: a single search field that just matches anything, anywhere.

Links: click on an email address will start an email client, for instance.


Localisation (eg UK dates and address formats)

If it can run under WINE, that's a bonus!

I will test anything with enthusiasm!

Perry Mowbray:
Thanks for your suggestions, most of which fit within what I'm working toward (albeit slowly  :-[)

Perry Mowbray:
 :-[  What is it with NANY and AddressBooks? ContactFX will not get past 2.0 for NANY 2011... which raises the question: Should it be Withdrawn or Unfinished or just plain left as a Pledge? I'll keep working on it ('cos I love it  ;) )...

Apologies to all those expecting something tonight... I did get some more time not long ago and hoping that I could get a reduced version done, but it was too much rush and too many other competing pressures...  was hopefully something more not too far in the future.


I appreciate all the work you've done thus far! As for continued effort, my feeling is that you must decide what you can handle considering all other aspects of your life. I'll support you and understand whatever you decide.   :)



Perry Mowbray:
Thanks Jim... but I wanted ContactFX as much as anyone else: my eyes were too big for my stomach though  :tellme:


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