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[Apologies - previously posted this in the wrong thread  :redface:]

In an attempt to organise my life, I bought a ScanSnap scanner and have been scanning (and occasionally shredding) all sorts of stuff - bills, receipts, etc etc.

A faint irritation is the requirement to organise the files post-scan.  I hoped to be able to use some sort of tagging system, but couldn't find anything suitable.  Picasa would have been great, but I am scanning to pdf (for the post-scan search capability) and Picasa only does jpg files.  So I have many folders.

What I would really like is a program which would examine pdf files in a folder and, based on past history, recognise them and suggest a folder (and/or tag) for them.  So rather than scanning and separately filing credit card bills, utility bills, etc, I would just scan and run the program on the unfiled files.  Then I would accept suggestions or create a new folder (thus advancing the learning for the future).

It's very similar to Picasa's face recognition software:  when it detects new photos of people it recognises, it suggests who they are based on past history.  Presumably the suggestion would be based on some sort of jpg recognition algorithm - my AmEx bills all look pretty similar! - but there is also text from the pdf aspect which could be used.

Is this the sort of thing which would work for NANY 2011?  Any interest?


Here's one I would love to see: something a lot better than "right-click and choose properties" to edit a desktop (or other) shortcut's target and parameters. Stupid little dialog has a tiny edit box and having just spent 20 minutes helping someone set some up, I'm ready for a little app!

Or does someone know of one already extant?

I have an idea: a personal spending habit report tool.
Now that Wesabe is gone, I'm looking for an app where you can tag, catagorize and report on your spending and income using exported bank statements from online banking sites. So you import a series of bank statements, catagorize them and report so you see via graphs where your money goes and how spending habits have changed. It would be an app that would have a big market.

what was great about wesabe for me was that it recognised similar lines in bank statements so the second time you shop at shop x it would already catagorize that line for you.
-justice (August 05, 2010, 04:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

Sounds like GnuCash

Here's my proposal for the NANY challenge. Only expert developers should try this, it's not an easy thing to do - but it would be a very useful and powerful tool, good as a web service, and as an iPhone app.

"Stuffind": find your stuff.

Read this document where I've explained the project and also designed (with words) how the UI/UX should be:

I've seen other apps for this need, but they're not as effective as this one.

UPDATE: I've posted the idea here too.

UPDATE: I've created a (public) BetterMeans space for this project, here.

Request: User-Editable Help Menu

I have always wished there were some way to annotate or add to a program’s Help file, so that I could add my own notes to myself about how to use to program.

For instance, if I discover a quick and easy way to perform some function in my photo editor, I would like to add it right to the program’s  Help menu instead of creating some text file somewhere named “Helpful Hints on using the Photo Editor” and trying to remember to open that file when using that program.

Virtually every program has a Help menu.  Is it possible to create an application that would add a new menu item called 'Notes' to every program’s menu bar, either inside or next to the Help menu?  This new Notes menu would be user editable to let the user add personally helpful information about using the program, for instance, how-to tips and tricks, file naming conventions, file saving location, etc.

If anything like this already exists I would love to know about it. If not, I hope someone thinks it a good enough idea to develop.


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