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Perry Mowbray:
NANY has always been a community event, and this thread is about helping users connect with coders:

* If you are a user with an application that you've always wanted to see coded then this is the place to mention it and discuss it. Hopefully a coder will wander by and get as excited about it as you are and it will materialize this coming New Year!
* If you are a coder looking for a new idea for this year's NANY then this may well be the perfect place: the ideas hear already have some user interest and people who are interested in its development.
When a coder decides to develop an idea from this thread, they should mention that here with a link to the Pledge Thread where further discussion can continue.


I'm not sure if this would fit NANY 2011 but I'll throw it out for review.

As a recent forced convert to an Android smartphone(?) there is a need for a program/app that will easily allow someone to access their Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, journal, etc.  There are postings on a number of Android related forums looking for the same thing.  At least in my case this wouldn't necessarily and would prefer it not happening "in the cloud."  Via a USB cable is fine.  There is a Google sync app but it only does basic contact & calendar sync.  There is a 3rd party program but it will only work if you are on an exchange server. 

That is the basics.  I can point anyone to some of the forums or provide suggestions if it would help.


I have a large, serious, cross-platform (desktop/mobile/ipad/etc.) donationware project related to this post i made a while ago that i would like to collaborate with someone on, which i am currently envisioning using a combination of simple python, and heavy-duty javascript.  If there are any experienced/serious/reliable javascript coders who are interested in teaming up on a large project let me know.

Off topic, but are you going to call it Card and Board Robot?  ;)



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