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FARR crashes after installing AltTab plugin

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After I installed the AltTab plugin, FARR crashes. When re-run it, it crashed again. Thankfully, after I re-ran it again, it detected that the plugin was causing problems and disabled it.

OS is win7 x64.

Anyone else having this problem?


I use AltTab constantly on my W7 32-bit machine and have never had a crash that I could attribute to it.


kli, do you have other plugins installed? you might try moving them out and trying alttab again without them -- there is a known issue with some older fscript.dll plugins and others.

Just tried moving out other plugins, but didn't help  :(

For me, and I am also using Windows 7 x64, FARR doesn't crash but it tries to access the A: drive for some reason. It was giving an error which I didn't write down, just now I tried it and I no longer seem to get the error, but I can hear the diskette drive grunting as soon as I hit that space after typing in "tab".


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