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FARR crashes after installing AltTab plugin

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^I spoke too soon. Now every time FARR starts I get this and FARR won't open:

I was originally going to post the troubleshooting log, but it looks like .log is not one of the allowed file types here ironically.

How do I disable the plugin for the time being?

Hey! It's my 100th Post! Aww, I didn't get to post in the 100th Post thread.

IIUC, most plugins live in their own folder under <somewhere>\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins and disabling can be done by moving the specific plugin's folder to some other location (while FARR is not running).

In the current case it looks like the folder to move is:

  C:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\FARRAltTab

FWIW, it's a procedure I have gone through multiple times with some success, but under Windows XP.


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