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[Feature request/Plugin idea] add search in

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is there a way to display only part of page i mean something like this

i add sutom alias i.e.$$1
and i know that important part of html that i want to see in application window is between <div id='main'></div>
is there a way to put only this part in my Find and Run Robot window?

i understand tha i can sometimes need to load the whole page to display site correctly
but is there a way to hide everything besides interesting part "<div id='main'></div>"
-Werizon (May 12, 2010, 05:41 PM)
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Depending on what it is you want to do, I think you may be disappointed in Webgrab.  The plugin lets you extract information from HTML and reformat, but it's not going to get you images, style sheets, etc.

But, FWIW, below is the latest:

SHA1: 6e83bda1a192dfee82b1a1e94458de89ab071c80

Usage has changed since earlier.  A snippet from the included README.txt:

  In the 'Result(s) - programs, ...' text area of the Edit Alias Dialog, one might specify:

    pcommand webgrab$$u1 `<table id='entries'>([\s\S]*)<div id='paginator'>` `%1` html

  The URL (what to get) is:$$u1

the regular expression (what to pay attention to) is:

    <table id='entries'>([\s\S]*)<div id='paginator'>

and the template string (how to present) is:


  N.B. The latter two are surrounded by backticks ` to help the plugin understand what information it is being given.

  This example alias ends with:


which tells Webgrab to display the results as HTML.

  This example makes use of user input, so it is important to specify an appropriate value for "Regular Expression Pattern".  For example, if "Alias Trigger Text" has the value:


  One might specify a value of:

    ^testwg (.*)

  for "Regular Expression Pattern".

  Reminder: a backtick character ` is used for quoting the regular expression and the formatting template.

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The README.txt contains more detail and examples.

Please note that the backtick character ` (the backwards single quote) is used for surrounding the regular expression and the template string.

Below is another example use:

--- ---webgrab donationcoder | pcommand webgrab `<!-- DCAP- LEFTSIDEBAR TOP SUPERSHORT -->[^<]+<p class="sph">([^<]+)</p>[^<]+<p class="sp"><img src="[^"]+" alt=""/>([^<]+)</p>[^<]+<p class="sp"><a href\s*=\s*"([^"]+)">([^<]+)</a></p>` `%1 %2 <a href="">%4</a>` html

Note that when constructing regular expressions, one may have less problems if working off of the original HTML source from the server and not the "processed" version.  Specifically, under Firefox, "View Selection Source" will provide "DOM Source of Selection", while "View Page Source" will give something that is closer to (if not) the original HTML source.  There were at least two differences that showed up while working on the example above.

An example for latest topic at DC forums:

--- ---webgrab donationcoder - latest topic | pcommand webgrab;sort=creation `Creation Date</td>[^<]+</tr></tr><tr><td colspan="5"><hr/></td></tr>[^<]+<tr>[^<]+<td align="right" valign="middle" nowrap="nowrap" class="smalltext">\[([^\]]+)\]</td>[^<]+<td valign="top" class="orangemed"><a href="([^"]+)">([^<]+)</a></td>` `[%1] <a href="%2">%3</a>` html

This is just for illustration purposes, FarrWebMetaSearch might be more appropriate for this type of thing (especially if you want to see more than one topic).

Does Webgrab working in newest FARR ? i cant get it work now only something about 0 results displays

I was thinking / playing around with something similar recently. Basically, what I want is make use of the feature DuckDuckGo calls zero-click. Google and Yahoo have it as well, although I don't know if they have given it a name (they probably did). When you use one of these search engines, they will show some info relevant to your search which is not a URL search result item right at the top. I think these are perfect for use within FARR. E.g. I want to type stuff like:
alias 10€ to $
alias translate donation to german
alias 123 * 456

I want an alias like search offering searching for a supplied phrase in both google and duckduckgo, but show the result in FARR's internal html view (like igo does). Actually, I've made an alias that does just that, but there are certain things that don't seem to work as expected. I'll make a separate post describing my findings.


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