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[Feature request/Plugin idea] add search in

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Ok Webgrab is working now:p

I have another question
How to add allias
I mean
i have command like this
webgrab$$1 `<div id="rpane">([\s\S]*)<div id="v2" class="sep_top">` `%1` html

and i want to run this by command like dict $$1

Hi Werizon,

Your question is a perfect one for using the webgrab plugin, and ewemoa, the author of the webgrab plugin, suggested the solution to me in a personal message:
You can accomplish what you want using the dosearchontrigger command.

Here is the alias import text; you can go to the alias tab, open up myaliases.alias and right-click to "import" this:

--- Code: Text ---1000>>>mdict>->search for "$$1" | dosearchontrigger webgrab$$1 `<div id="rpane">([\s\S]*)<div id="v2" class="sep_top">` `%1` html>+>^mdict (.+)$
Alternatively here is a screenshot of the alias:

Essentially what you are doing here is telling FARR to *perform* the webgrab "search" after the user types something that matches the expression "mdict blah.." and then hits enter; so this acts as if the user had typed "webgrab http://...." with the $$1 replaced.

Thanks for reply:]
few days ago i thougt about the same solution:] i even make few instant search aliases with dosearch:]
but using instant sometimes causes little lags and something looking like a bug
i mean
when i type slowly everything is alright but typping fast causes losing letters
instead of brick i get bric

sorry for my english:]

Did you try dosearchontrigger?

   dosearchontrigger STRING TO SEARCH FOR - doesn't change the editbox but causes FARR to display results as if user had typed the string.  very useful in conjunction with regular expression patterns.  like dosearch but only happens when user hits Enter.

--- End quote ---


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