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[Feature request/Plugin idea] add search in

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ewe is being modest as always.. it's not "possibly related", it's actually a plugin that ewemoa made that is exactly what you want.

The version of Webgrab mentioned in the aforementioned topic is dated.  Below is a link to one that seems to work for some cases:


  webgrab <url> {<regular-expression>} "<template-string>"

  webgrab {<div class="ccTemp">(\d+)} "Temperature in your town is %1 degrees"

--- End quote ---

If there is interest, perhaps this version can be modified appropriately or a separate implementation can be attempted.

I think webgrab would have to be modified to optionally display the result in html mode, as it currently tries to display results in memo mode.

<mouser> what you need is an option to allow it to output to html mode
<mouser> you could simply autodetect by looking for one of some common text
<mouser> like
<mouser> <p> <a href or <div or <ul
<mouser> if any of those are found, use the showhtml
<mouser> instead of showmemo

also this would be a perfect case where pcommand would be useful -- so that one doesnt have to change the search text with restartsearch in order to trigger it.

mouser found plenty of things to improve in the latest available version so I'm working on addressing some of those things.

Hope to have some news on this before long.


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