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i had a quick look through the hotkey managers you suggested but i still came back to thinking that either Autohotkey was what i required - or ATNSOFT's Key Manager. they both provide the option to control mouse buttons (i think that sets them apart from the typical hotkey managers) which is an extra feature i'd also find useful.

ATNSOFT Key Manager does use profiles so maybe the Comfort Keys method you mentioned will work. i've not got it installed on this machine so i'll have to check tomorrow.

i can't help but think i'm going to end up using autohotkey as it will be the most powerful - it's just going to take time to configure it.

edit: i see HotkeyP has mouse button control too. i guess i need to go back and investigate things further...

okay, i spoke too soon. HotkeyP looks great - it does do a pause all functions toggle (or even just pause keyboard or pause mouse) - but the mouse button control isn't a remapping function, it's to create a mouse click from a hotkey keyboard press. i was hoping it would understand mouse button keyboard combos.

it still looks like a powerful hotkey manager though.

i see HotkeyP has mouse button control too.
-nudone (May 09, 2010, 04:19 PM)
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I was impressed to see that both HotKeyP and Clavier can simulate mouse actions, and the former also has "system level" commands that HoeKey does (terminate process etc.).  Both can send multiple keystrokes, so apart from lacking flow control, they're essentially poor man's macro programs.  I wondered if you could do things like set a hotkey to click tray icons and interact with any menus that might pop up, though I haven't tried it.  That is, if the on/off switch was on such a menu, maybe one could set a pair of hotkeys that way.

AHK or another "proper" macro program will give you more control, but I too don't use AHK much because of the greater effort.

You posted while I was still typing - have to digest your latest comment   ;)

i'm creeping up to novice level with autohotkey so i don't know if it's possible...

but i was wondering the very same thing about (locating) tray icons and selecting the right option(s) from their corresponding menus. this would open up a whole lot of things - even just selecting the "pause" option from the ATNSOFT Key Manager tray icon menu would be a nice place to start. i also wondered if the registry might store the "pause" state and this could be manipulated by autohotkey - i'm guessing that would be too easy so i doubt that's how the program works.

perhaps it's time to ask on this forum if it's possible to use autohotkey to control tray icons (i'll see if can find anything on the autohotkey forum).

but i was wondering the very same thing about (locating) tray icons and selecting the right option(s) from their corresponding menus.
-nudone (May 09, 2010, 04:53 PM)
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PowerPro has something it calls "tray support," which suggests it's possible.  I can't test it at present as I don't have it installed here; PowerPro really needs to be run as admin and I normally only operate from a user account.


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