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Need some input on CMS for a kinda, sorta webby ...

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For simple needs it's also worth mentioning CMSMadeSimple and WebSiteBaker - both open source, easy to get started, quite featured, and very easy for the final site owner to manage day to day

There's a new release of Silverstripe this week, saw it yesterday. Havent tried it in years, might take a peak (i usually stop at "horror, what is that for a templating system" when i look at any cms)

I have had some good success with MODx. Once you get it setup from your ISP, you can make things as simple or as complicated as you like.

Wow!  I've got more here than I can even begin to cover short-term :-*.  Now I just have to set up IIS locally to make certain the testing will be good - the capt., for whatever reason, uses hosting with a Windows server <groan />.  I think that's mostly because he's wary of setting up Apache/MySQL/PHP.  Yes, he's been told about WAMP, but sticks with IIS anyway.  Makes for some interesting conversations when he calls for advice  :D :D.


If you already have a website structure set up and you just want the ability to edit page content, you can use products like

I use Snippetmaster and find it is very good for quick edits of text and images occurring within <snippet> tags

Sometimes full CMS is just overkill.



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