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XML editor

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I think someone was looking for an XML editor here a while ago - if you still haven't found one, try this :Simple XML Editor

Thanks for telling, joiwind. I've got a free XML editor named XML Marker. 

It's basic and easy to use, and it hasn't been updated in several years. But it's good enough for my limited needs.

For a free tool XML Marker is pretty cool.

Thanks for mentioning XML Marker, sajman99.

Some notes on trying out XML Marker:

* Appears to write to Registry
* Universal Extractor seems to handle extraction of setup file ok
* Seemed to work fine with FARR's .alias files
* Help file seems pretty decent (even has minor helpful animations :) )
I think this looks like a potentially worthwhile application.

Edit: just minor formatting changes

I downloaded this one today, since I saw this thread and decided to search:

I haven't tried it yet though.  Just looked handy to have.


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