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SOLVED: Hyperlink catcher


Hi everyone.

I have an idea for really small program that catches hyperlink actions(when you click on hyperlink in IM\IRC or any software in about screen). And then opens small window that allows you to open this link in one of browsers installed on your system.

Personally i'm using 3 browsers: Chrome for everything, except Firefox(Flash games, video sites) and IE9 for wierd sites that doesnt' work in normal browsers :D. And it's really annoying when somone sending you YouTube link and it opens in Chrome that starting really slow and laggy(got lots of addons in there).

It would be great if someone could code this tiny soft.

Sorry for my poor English. ;)

Please let us know if Browser Chooser suits your needs.   :)

Thanks skwire! That suits 100%! It even has nice visuals so it's 120%! :D


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