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Questions about Mircryption and Psybnc...and some more


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I am a long time user of Fish IRC encryption, but have also tried mircryption a few times and really like it. Its vast amount of features makes it superior to Fish. Using mircryption is not without problems though......A couple of questions.

I am using an IRC bouncer (psybnc and when people messaging me through the bnc when i am not online i cant read those messages, they dont get decrypted. I know there´s a mod for psybnc (mcpsybnc) but did that one ever got updated to run on Are there any other way to get psybnc to decrypt messages? It works fine when i am online and using querys, but not reading offline messages.

Second, the compatibility mode for Fish works (+Ok) fine, but is it not supposed to be persistent through sessions? If i go to Commands>Mircryption in mIRC i can set the +OK mode there, but as far as i can see that setting does not stay that way when i close mIRC and restart it. I have to enable it again every time. Same goes for querys (private messaging), i have to enable the +OK mode every time.

Third, is the script for key exchange supposed to do that automatically? As of now i have to do it manually.

Using mIRC 6.35 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

let me answer easy one first.
the +OK settings should be remembered, absolutely.

i wonder if its a problem with mirc and win7.

mircryption stores options like this in your mirc alt+R variables list.

to set it manually, go change the  %mc_etag line to say
%mc_etag +OK

you will set the default for all channels and it should be remembered.  restart mirc and check your variables to make sure.

but you know i thought that +OK was the default used by mircryption for the last few versions, so you really shouldnt have to change that.

As for decrypting text that came in while you were offline, try the Mircryption menu item -> Migration of keys and backlog decrypting and choose backlog decrypting.

Got Milk?:
Thanks a bunch Mouser, i´ll try the above suggestions as soon as my damn flu is gone. No, it´s not swine flu  :D


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