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Display Ruler in Zoom



in Screenshot Captor I have a zoom pane at the bottom.
This is very useful, here a ruler (measurement) is missing.

Reason: I know a button in a specific application must be 20 pixels.
I have a screen shot of a dialog and move the mouse cursor to the button to see it zoomed.
Now I want to see if the buttons height is 20 pixels.

I have an application called Consic Ruler (
At the home page above you also see a screen shot.
In that screen shot they have a ruler interval of 5 pixels.
On my desktop I have 1 pixel.

So I just move the mouse until the buttons left top edge is on the coordinates 0,0 in the ruler.
Then I just have to read the number on the ruler to see how big the button is.

I wish to have this in Screenshot Captor too, because then I just need to have one application instead of 2.
And this would make Screenshot Captor more powerful.



Let's have further SC discussion of rulers on this thread.

Hello mouser,

all I need is that you add in the zoom panel (here you see the red lines) the following options:

* Let me adjust the zoom (zoom in and zoom out)
This can be done by clicking on the zoom panel and pressing the {+} and {-} keys on the keyboard
* Turn off / turn on a scale (numbers).
This scale is depending on the zoom level, so when I zoom out to 16x enlargement, there should be one number in each line
I work as Ergonomic Engineer and Usability Engineer.
So I check applications if they fulfil the needs according to DIN-EN-ISO 9241.
On part of my test is the font size and the font type.

Font Size
When I check the font size, I use Consuc Ruler.
Here I measure the font in the about box of SC.
See attached screen shot sc_font_size.png.
I add such screen shots to the screen shot of the application, so the IT projects can see on the screen shot, that the font is 9 pixels and this is too small.

Font Type
Here we check if some small characters (lie h) are larger than the capital characters.
Sorry for my bad English, it should become clear if you look at the attached screen shot sc_font_type.png
Here you see that the small "h" and "b" are larger than the capital "F".
These screen shots I also add to the screen shot of the application.

It would be cool when you add scale numbers and allow to zoom in.
So I would select a zoom level where each line has a number (so you can easily see the font height).
This way I just need ONE tool (Screenshot Captor) to make screen shots, to mark issues and to measure the font size and font type (by taking screenshots of the SC window and paste the small Zoom panel into the screenshot of the application).

For a sample showing how such a screen shot of an tested application can look like, see sample.png.
This is just a quick (and dirty) example.
But it should show how I work.




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