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Discussion: How can we Improve DonationCoder?

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There has been a huge growth of activity since I first started visiting DC. While the current interface for the forum is very good, as the rate of activity increases, I find that it is becoming harder to keep up with all the activity. Many times I find myself rereading an old thread 500 comments long trying to figure out where I last left off reading. If there is an improvement DC needs, it is in making the forums easier to navigate and stay on top of ongoing threads. It would be nice if DC had a feature to drop me off at the last post that I read on the particular thread that I read before (similar to the Google reader suggestion mentioned above). I know that a feature like that is difficult to implement but it is the one thing I can think of that really would improve the site.

I think its important to point out that changes to a site like this could be counter productive. For every added feature, there is also added bloat, which could confuse newcomers and annoy frequent visitors who never wanted the feature to begin with. I agree with most on this forum that making small changes could do wonders for this site. I am not sure about big things. If it was up to me, I would start by trying to give the site an even cleaner look, removing features if necessary, before trying to add or change other things.

DC is truly a gem on the web. I would hate to see it ruined because it gets cut the wrong way. :) 

PS: We need a Cody smiley.

It would be nice if DC had a feature to drop me off at the last post that I read on the particular thread that I read before
--- End quote ---

we really need to publicize this more, but on the "unread posts" page, if you click the round "new!" image it will do exactly that.

Awesome!  ;D I really didn't know that existed. This really makes me wonder about other features I don't know about.
That being said, its not exactly what I had in mind. DC is full of really long threads. It would be nice to know which posts I read and which ones I didn't. The new button takes you to the post that was posted after the last time that you looked at the thread. Many times I start reading when there are 30 posts and only read the first few posts which links to a different page and I don't bother to read the rest. When I come back later and discover there are 500 posts I would like to know what I read and what I didn't.

I can't believe all this time the new symbol was a button!

maybe the new button needs to look more like a button? or say "click for new" or something on it? or maybe "newest" or "latest"?

i was thinking i would just make this the default behavior whenever you click on main link to a topic, to go to last read post; then it wouldnt matter if you clicked new button or not.


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