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Discussion: How can we Improve DonationCoder?

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Good points - DC members software really ought to be easy to find - in one place - or a link to their homepage if nothing else.

Donationcoder has always been almost perfect for me.  My philosophy:  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". 

With that being said, and with the "almost" hanging out there,  here is my one wish:

An easier one-stop place for all the available software here on DC, with easy to follow and read version/update information for each program.

Other than that, when we get back on our feet from my wife's illness, I will continue to donate and contribute what I can.  This site and forum is my idea of discussion perfection.  Polite and informative, intelligent and lacking in the new breed of worthless, shock-me to get attention Internet punk.

Even though I am not very active, I love it here.  Don't change if you don't need to.

My story is as dormouse expressed above. A couple of Google searches pointed me here. I discovered the newsletters, which brought me back here regularly. Believe it or not, I didn't even realize this was a forum as such -- frequently the reviews stood alone, without any discussion following up.

So in addition to dormouse's observations about the decline in the frequency of reviews, I'd add the decline in the frequency of newsletters. Since it was those that kept me coming back until I got involved in forum discussions, I think they are invaluable in landing new users.

One of the most persistent bugbears that I and several other DC-ers have found with Donation Coder is the total lack of any still shots of Angelina Jolie when she has appeared nude in films.
Fixing this major drawback would go a long way to increasing the happy-happy index of DC-ers - and not all of them men, either, I can assure you.

This would effect an immediate improvement in the DC site's street-appeal, and new audiences would flock to the site in droves. Your hit counters would go off the scale and nobody would be using AdBlock. Think of the potential advertising revenue! This is the sort of thing the Japanese are crying out for. Anyone who doesn't agree with this is a moron and should be pepper-sprayed directly in both eyes, told to "shut the f#ck up", and have their toenails pulled off - in that order.

You could start things off gradually by providing some animated naked AJ smileys in the Quick Reply tools, and then working up to several full AJ nude albums a bit later on. That would be some subtle trajectory, aaaall riiiight! An AutoHotkey script might be useful - one that just jumped you straight into the albums area, without having to mess about and waste time navigating the stupid boring bits of the DC site. Instant gratification! This is the sort of thing that makes our country great and I'm proud to be a Kazakhstani.

This is proof-positive that there are only 3 kinds of people in the world: Those who can count, and those who can't.

@IainB: At last, the solution. I'm all four that!


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