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Discussion: How can we Improve DonationCoder?

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I like Gothi[c]'s suggestion!

Apart from that, and the lack of Angelina still shots, I don't really see anything that needs much work on DC. I guess I'd like to see a few more reviews/mini-reviews, but it's not like I can't write these myself... :-[

Stoic Joker:
@IainB: At last, the solution. I'm all four that!-cranioscopical (April 23, 2010, 01:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm a bit baffeled by the tatical 180 between this and Iainb's first post ... But, Yeah lets get this last Idea pushed through as quick as possible. Gia would be a good place to start.

Let me make a comment as gently as possible, with the acknowledgment that I'm probably as guilty as anyone.

I haven't been using DC as much as I used to. I think at one point I would check for new posts every hour. Lately, I might check once at lunch, if that.

I think part of the reason may be that reading these posts has become less productive. The signal-to-noise content is much higher, in that so many discussions veer wildly off-topic into witty banter. The result at best is that I have to read more posts to get the same amount of information; at worst, the real content is never posted because we're wasting our time joking. I like joking in conversation probably more than most, but for a forum that's supposed have a technological focus, that focus is becoming blurred.

Perhaps worse, I fear potential new members are put off. I wonder if the banter makes the community seem closed. When the participants seem to know each other, engaging in conversation that reveals their familiarity, I wonder if it serves to make newbies feel like they're on the outside.

maybe one way to address gothic's ideas and also help make things easier to find in general is to have a kind of wiki system incorporated into DC where trusted people could keep an organized set of pages updated that helped catalog stuff on the site and was a navigational aid.

@mouser and/or Moderators:

Just out of curiosity, is this periodic QC and/or refocusing? Or was this discussion prompted by something like a rash of complaints, defections from the ranks, or a critical review?

Trying to get a sense of the context.  


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