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7-zip dominates in sheer features, price, and formats it carries. others are good for other things though. one which has died some but was good was winace... it used to do some voodoo compressing that was the best, but 7zip has definitely dominated if using the correct settings as far as compressibility is concerned.

You can use 7-zip in scripts (a big advantage to me). While the GUI gives you access to a lot of compression settings, I find that using the command line version is more effective.

For example: I normally have to pack a set of executables and dll's (about 250Mb). Using the GUI version results in an archive file of 21Mb (ultimate compression level). But with the command line version the result is an archive file of 17Mb (ultimate compression level).

I really like 7-zip.

@Deozaan: A rather belated response/post to this subject. After having left this subject alone for a while, I recalled your suggestion and have had time to install 7-Zip and play with it a bit. (This is under Windows7 (64-bit).
It seems rather good and very fast. I'm not sure whether I would prefer it over WinRAR.

WinRAR has the better interface, but I use mainly the context menu to create and unpack archives, so that whole interface thing is rendered moot to me. As 7-zip has a better compression ratio (using the 'ultra' settings) which requires only slightly more time to create than a WinRAR archive (using 'best' settings), my personal preference goes out to 7-zip.

I wonder did anyone take a look at:

I find it to be the best archivers/compression comparison page (although some may not be mentioned).


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