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no text in the image

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I am unable to save any text as image. I would very much appreciate any help.


what is the version you're using?

I am unable to save any text as image.
--- End quote ---

Could you explain a little more what you are trying to do and what doesn't work as you expect?

I installed the programme on 26 March. It appears to be the most recent version. The operating system on my laptop is Windows7 Professional.

I need to prepare word stimuli for an experiment. The language is Bulgarian, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The presentation software E-Prime can handle the unicode symbols for the Cyrillic script, however it misplaces the 'stress accent' over vowels. The stress accent is an additional symbol.

I tried using 'Unicode Image Maker' to create image bitmaps of text (individual words with a stress accent on one vowel). I can successfully type the word in black colour on a white background. However, when I try to save the word image in a file, I can only save a white background image, without any word on it. This occurs irrespective of whether the text in written in Cyrillic or English script.

I am happy to make a donation towards the project but I have to be able to use the software first.

Many thanks,

Ok well it sounds like you are trying to use it for something that it should work on, and it sounds like you are using it correctly.

When you save the file, by default Unicode Image Maker wants to save the image as a PNG file with transparency.

Can you try instead changing the image file type to .jpg or .bmp from the Save dialog that comes up when you hit save.

See if that makes a difference, and let me know.

You might also try changing the background color to something other than white, and view the image in an image viewer other than your presentation software and see if you can see it.  (i'm not saying you need to use a dif color, i'm just trying to help us identify what the root cause of your problem is).


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