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looking for some archivers, which needn't to be installed


looking for some archivers, which needn't to be installed, so I can use them on work

Care to elaborate on your particular needs?

or SimplyZIP

just install once and then copy the install-folder to an another pc.

Registry entrys are writen of course on the new pc too, but only in HKCU.

Oh.. ic... for 99% of archivers, here's the best solution:

1.) Install on your box at home.
2.) Copy the installation folder to CD/disk.
3.) At work run from CD/disk or copy to your box.

I'd imagine WinRar would work fine like this. Most archivers don't need to register any COM components or anything, so will work fine even if not installed.

And then there's console mode utilities like PKZIP 2.5, which don't require installation at all.


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