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NANY 2011 :: A New Concept -- Have your say!

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I just feel this is getting WAY too complex.  Here are some more of my random thoughts on things.

Disclaimer: Please, Perry, don't view any of the following as me discounting the work and effort you put into NANY.  Know that I recognise and very much appreciate all that you do.

* I get great satisfaction out of simply submitting a NANY app.  To me, that is the reward.  The fact that I get a $20 gift certificate (mug collection!) for participating is icing on the cake.
* I don't feel the need to single out applications in any form.  I feel the more popular apps stand on their own merit; thread views and replies attest to that.  I never saw the need for Mini-NANYs because of this.
* I feel that NANY is a group effort between all the coders and all the users.  In other words, NANY is a DonationCoder event, not a single coder/app event.  All these coders take time out of their holiday schedule to write code and submit stuff.  That is the real magical part.  Singling out applications ruins this, in my opinion.
* Too many new rules, deadlines, guidelines, etc.  I don't have time to follow all the newly proposed stuff.  Heck, I didn't have time to follow all the new stuff this past NANY.  I abhor the inefficiency of forums.  I got rather frustrated this past NANY with all the teaser/pre-release/release stuff.  I feel that if an app isn't ready for release, don't release it.  No need for a teaser, no need for a pre-release etc.  Let's get back to simplicity...less work for all.
I can only speak for myself when I say that participating in NANY is a reward in itself.  I don't seek or want any extra or artificial attention drawn to me or my applications.  I much prefer to let them stand on their own.  Maybe the other coders feel this way as well?

thoughtful points from someone who has been a serious and reliable NANY participant.. maybe we have been overthinking things and should try a simpler NANY next year instead of this proposed change..

Perry Mowbray:
I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.
Herbert Bayard Swope
--- End quote ---

We are appreciating all comments, so bring them on... It's going to be interesting juggling the coder's comments against the user's comments (as improved user-ability of the resultant software list was a significant reason for change)...

Disclaimer: Please, Perry, don't view any of the following as me discounting the work and effort you put into NANY.  Know that I recognise and very much appreciate all that you do.-skwire (April 15, 2010, 03:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

It's all good. The position we came to here was after a lot of discussion, sometimes quite difficult, and is not anyone's idea, more of a collaboration; so there are bits of it I'm not fond of as there'll be other bits the other's are not too keen on too. But we all felt that it was the best resolution to the considered problems.

I just feel this is getting WAY too complex.
-skwire (April 15, 2010, 03:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

We've certainly discussed what NANY's developed into, and where we'd like to take it. One of the major problems that was identified from the recent NANYs was that the NANY Entries were extremely varied in quality and level of effort and it was becoming an issue promoting them (as a group) externally; as well as not being very user friendly (as a group).

One option available is to make NANY more of a DC event, for DC members (and their guests) and back away from the external promotion. That is certainly an option.

We also discussed multiple events as well, but were concerned with the level of resources required to run multiple events, so we've attempted to keep one event but trying to accommodate a more "simple" NANY (that I think you are wanting) with a more rigorous NANY that will hopefully help correct the promotion problem. So I thought that we'd have got pretty close to hitting your nail on the head?

But... I honestly thought the idea presented actually embodied the "everybody-is-equal-and-can-submit-anything-new" much more efficiently than previous years:

* You want to do something simple without any bells or whistles: it's OK (even if you want to punish yourself with time constraints)
* You attempt something and don't get done: it's OK too, your efforts rewarded but it's not promoted
* You want to do something bigger: it's OK too, as your big application doesn't get lost amongst the crowd of little ones
And you are right: it's trying to make the most of external promotion, attracting new coders and members, ensuring that we don't sell a lemon to other software sites when we promote the Event, that complicates the Event. If it was just DC, and any external promotion happened by itself, the Event would be a lot easier to organise (there almost wouldn't be any...). But I was hopeful that we'd kill two birds with the same stone (no duck reference intended).

Keep the comments coming (the more the merrier), it all helps in processing the ideas... but as mouser suggested, it'll probably come down to experimenting and see how it turns out.

Perry Mowbray:
In addition, I feel the fast-paced, thirty-day rush up to release day is one of the endearing features of NANY.
-skwire (April 14, 2010, 11:53 PM)
--- End quote ---

That is not supported in entrant surveys; in fact, I think it was the opposite.

But: My hope with the proposal is that both could be accommodated effectively. I would not like to loose the rush, excitement and anticipation, but I'm hoping we can also offer that bit extra to the entrants that wanted more time etc.

What resources are required for NANY?  Have you quantified what it truly takes to run the event?

The two event system may work on 6 month cycles/  This all depends on the resource to run an event.

Something like:
NANY 20## - The event as it is with the fast paced effoft for developers to complete their apps.  This is what forced me to finish an idea I had for a long time - now that idea is being turned into a business because the NANY event gave me a kick in the ass to complete it
Summer Blockbuster 20## - The new first class event as proposed.

Basically offer a Winter and Summer event.


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