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NANY 2011 :: A New Concept -- Have your say!

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Perry Mowbray:
Thanks App: yes, I think the Celebration aspect of NANY can be highlighted more, or maybe even separated somewhat...

So, NANY is part of the Software Celebration that happens during January and that looks back over the year  :-\? But it does not have to be the whole celebration.

I think it's pretty obvious that it's going to be difficult to maintain a combined "mad dash" and "first class" type of NANY: they seem too opposed. And most people seem to be gravitating toward a simpler NANY -- which does not exclude the "first class" entries (many of the "dashed" entries are very first class!), but also does not encourage it either (time restrictions are an issue for many of the entrants).

One of the reasons behind the whole "first class" thing was to encourage more substantial entries of consistent quality for those that wanted to do that type of entry. I do not think that that will happen in the mad dash time-frame.

One thought that's been bubbling around in my mind is that quite a few entrants started working on their NANY entry well before December... I wonder if there's a way to encourage this by having something like a Labs or Summer School or something (as was previously suggested) earlier in the year that provides an opportunity and framework for someone to develop and fine-tune their application; and if the entrant wants to they can submit it to NANY for further development / testing / finishing?

I'm not really sure what format the Labs / Summer School / Event could take, but we have such a wealth of mentors on DC and a large member base that are keen to suggest, brainstorm and work on software (it's almost what we do best), that for someone wanting to work on something more substantial, maybe even in teams, it would be a great opportunity to tap into those resources (which is difficult during NANY). But it's basically for someone who wants a longer lead time and to tap into the DC resources: ideas?

And everything would get caught up in a Celebration Catch All at the end of the year!


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