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Feature Suggestion [GridMove]: Middle Mouse moves only on title bar


Just really getting into GridMove and loving it, but I'm having one issue:  Is there any way to modify GridMove such that I can activate grids with Middle Mouse click/drag on only the title bar, and not anywhere on the window? 

Problem is, I use software (PACS) that relies on middle mouse drag for other functions, and then it conflicts with GridMove.  In addition, I end up activating it accidentally all the time on routine middle mouse clicks (i must drag a bit).  I see on the forums that other people have similar issues, and there are a few workarounds, but they diminish the clean simplicity of GridMove.

I know there are other ways to activate the grids, but I gravitated to middle mouse and used it exclusively on the title bar until I realized it worked for the whole window.  I have years of habit in going to the title bar to move windows anyway, so it feels pefectly natural to just shift to middle mouse.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Actually, I like this idea very much, and have been trying to have time to implement it ever since you made this post.
Unfortunately, it seems like I'm not having much time to do it.

However, I want to think you very much, because now I was trying to find a way to do what you're asking for really quickly and I think I have just found out the cause of the biggest bug in GridMove (it's been there since the beginning and it has tormented me a lot, but now thanks to you I've figured it out!).

So, to thank you for your help, I'll try to release a new version of GridMove during the next week (can't do it today because I have a paper deadline monday).

Thanks a lot!

hey jgpaiva had forgotten about this, but thanks for giving my suggestion some consideration.  i understand time constraints too.  even if the feature doesn't make it's way in (of course I'd like it to  :D), it motivated me to finally donate to DC, so it's a win either way.

Was this ever added?  On windows 7 the Title drag and the Edge method are both a bit buggy, so I use the Middle Button exclusively.  However, there are some applications that use middle click so just using it on the title bar would be great.



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