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crack tracker

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I believe you can already track other things like music and video, choosing a relevant keyword. Most of the search engines CT uses are generic and should find non-software downloads, probably illegal!

crack tracker is finally on sale

if you have helped with testing send me an email for your discount coupon!


Since I am not a code author, I really have no use for this sort of thing, but I am interested in it from a curiosity point of view.  Have you noticed a significant increase in purchases and/or a significant decrease in cracked versions being published?  I would expect, human nature being what it is, that you see no significant increase in purchases, but perhaps a significant decrease in publishing IF the software is used regularly.  However that is just speculation.  Can you tell us your experience?

crack tracker cannot stop cracks, even if you eliminate all the existing ones, new ones will come to replace them, it is a constant battle

as to how sales will be affected once you make it harder for people to find warez, it is debatable. Obviously I believe that legitimate sales will increase, as people really wanting the software will have no other option. But if you are on a really crowded market they may just go to your easy to crack competitor...

True.  I just was curious with what you have seen in the last 6 months or so since you implemented the first betas, etc.


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