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Sounds to me like this tool would be of more use to pirates for finding cracks...-tanis424 (April 12, 2010, 09:43 PM)
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Hardly. The pirates already know where to look, and even regular users know how to use rapidshare, usenet and public torrent trackers (at least here in .dk, YRMV). Content is widely duplicated across these services, so it's not like this tool will help people who only know one resource, either.

I will be adding many things in the future, including the option to automatically file the DMCA complaint email. In the meantime, as this tool is based on a quirky 'technology' I would appreciate your feedback, whether it works for you or not.

anyone can find cracks to any software, just google <your_program_name> + rapidshare. The hard bit is finding all these illegal downloads, and this tool of mine helps find many of them. Not all but every little helps!

Don't a lot of these illegal methods of 'stealing' software contain malware or viruses of some sort?  I personally would be afraid to download any of these pirated software.  I prefer to pay for it so the creator can keep updating and improving his product.  Besides which, there is enough free and open source software available if you cannot afford to purchase a particular item.

^ Well, yes.  I'd hope that most supporters of this site would fall into the same category as you.  But in the world wide interwebs, there are more that don't share this point of view than do, unfortunately.

I personally have a big problem with piracy. Although I give away a free version, most people use a keygen to pirate xplorer2

When I got tired of hunting keygens, instead of blocking them I went for a different approach: if xplorer2 detects a keygenned key it 'allows' it but every now and then sends such people to this page:

from the statistics of this page I know that 90%+ of my users use such fake keys!


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