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Many people here are selling their software for a living. For all you authors suffering from cracks and keygens, this tool I made will make things a bit easier. It searches for illegal downloads of your software and presents them in a list, so you can file a DMCA complaint with rapidshare and similar hosting companies, so that your illegal downloads are removed (and then more will be listed :))

For more information and to download the crack tracker, see here:

as this is work in progress I would appreciate your feedback


Intriguing tool! I work for a company (Planetside Software) whose products (Terragen) are routinely posted to Rapidshare, etc. so this could be very useful.

I haven't tried it yet, but if it doesn't yet have a built-in DMCA complaint filing function, that would be a great feature. Perhaps a pluggable system that allows you to add new sites with their corresponding emails or complaint URLs (many require you to submit through an online form). Ideally it could create a form letter for each one that lists the infringing URL and all the usual info they ask for in DMCA requests (name, address, position in company, confirmation that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company, etc.). That would save tremendous amounts of time.

Quite honestly we don't file a lot of requests right now because of how time consuming it is. Searching for the infringing downloads is a great start, but automating the complaint process would be a much bigger help IMO.

his could be a great tool for small software devs. Thank you!

- Oshyan

Cute idea, Nikos!

Definitely useful if you have a large collection of the public trackers and other download sites. There's a whole lot of private trackers as well, though - going to be hard to do anything about those. But I guess the biggest damage is from the public sites anway :)

Yes, I think there is a core of more dedicated/savvy users who have more advanced methods of obtaining pirated software. These you will never be able to stop. But keeping your app off a simple Google search, I think *that* is going to make an impact in piracy numbers. Searching for "Terragen 2", our flagship product, brings up warez results at the top of the 2nd page, and that's *without* putting in "crack" or "download" or anything else specific:

- Oshyan

Sounds to me like this tool would be of more use to pirates for finding cracks...


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