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crack tracker

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from the statistics of this page I know that 90%+ of my users use such fake keys!-umeca74 (April 14, 2010, 12:49 AM)
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I hope you do something to distinguish being sent there by x^2 and by clicking that link from a normal browser :]

Hehe, yep. I was on the page multiple times when I already had a license, just to check something there.

Concerning the crack tracker:
For pirates this software is not of any interest. I tried to find some software with it, and I noticed that, while it kept reloading, I would already have had the software for a while if I had used eMule instead.


latest build 1005, faster and with more download sites:

Glad to see you're still developing this. Looking forward to support for filing complaints right from the app (if possible).

- Oshyan

I made up my mind to go pro with it (sell it eventually)
but if you contribute in testing then you won't be unrewarded :)

there is already a way to send crash logs and such from HELP menu


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