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Maybe it's unfair to get into other hosters (?) in this thread, so I'll pm you. I will say though that it's a fair bit more expensive than Magma, but I need the reliability.

 Follow up to my post re Magmahost....
 A month to the day since my post complaining about no replies or action when support tickets are filed, I received emails from Magmahost.
 NOT resolving any of the support ticket issues, not acknowledging my request for account closure, but instead containing requests for payment (invoices).
 This confirms my theory that there isn't any actual person attending the "support ticket section", but rather a person who has read too many Kafka novels has cobbled together a "frustration algorithm" which deals with support issues to amuse the other staff working there.

For what it's worth, I just moved from DreamHost to for hosting and I've been very pleased thus far with the features, price, and service (personal and fast!).

The plans on his website didn't quite meet my needs, so we e-mailed and negotiated a hosting plan that fit me better, so if you're looking for a host and the plans listed don't seem to catch your eye, I recommend you contact Nick and see what you can work out.

I highly recommend Nick.


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