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two-monitors ergonomics

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interesting. i did assume they'd be cheaper in the US. good luck with the HP screen then.
-nudone (June 01, 2010, 02:06 AM)
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Why did you assume that? Eizo is a European company, isn't it?

Isn't Eizo a Japanese company?

I really had no idea where Eizo is from. it was just an assumption that they'd be cheaper like most things appear to be cheaper in the US (compared with the UK, at least).

if i had to make a guess i would have said Eizo is either Japanese or Chinese. (obvioulsy Japanese from ewemoa's comment.)

Oh, I wasn't sure....the only thing I know for sure about Eizo is that their monitors start around $1,300 which means I don't need to investigate them any farther. :D

Took delivery of an HP ZR24W. I managed to get it for a very decent price & it didn't hurt that I found out that it uses the same panel as the $1,200+ 24" Eizo.  I know the electronics in the Eizo are most likely better, but this HP cost less than a third of the price delivered to my door.

Ordered it with free shipping Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. Merchant said it'd take 7-9 days to arrive & I was fine with that. Imagine my surprise when it was delivered the next day at 11:48 a.m.! :)

I even found that it came with a free copy of Portrait Displays, Inc.'s Pivot Pro software that sells for $39.95. I'm saving/making money already!  :D


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