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two-monitors ergonomics

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Does anyone use custom multi-monitor stands?

I've got two Samsung 22" monitors (one in the centre and one to the right) and their flimsy (but very "Samsung pretty") stands mean that every knock against the desk turns them in to perpetual-motion Mr Bobbleheads...

Are there sturdy desk-mount options or am I best off going for hideously-expensive wall-mounted options (although these would be good as they could be pushed against the wall when the desk space is needed)?
-mnemonic (May 31, 2010, 05:11 AM)
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At my work, we use these monitor arms that can be clamped or bolted to your desk.  They are fantastic.  I'm going to get one for my house (I use two 24" widescreen monitors).  The company that makes them is called HumanScale.  They are not cheap.  I'm guessing it will run you between $400-500.  But, they are solid devices.  Still, it is somewhat expensive.

In my case, I don't skimp on things that correct my posture or reduce future back injuries.  Without the monitor arms, my neck inches forward during the day.  I'm already starting to develop upper back pain because of my crappy mattress.

i dont use any special stands, they are too expensive for my tastes.

The company that makes them is called HumanScale.  They are not cheap.  I'm guessing it will run you between $400-500.  
-superboyac (May 31, 2010, 01:55 PM)
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 :o Maybe I'll have to put up with the Bobbleheads  ;D

Perhaps a shelf bolted to the wall just above the desk might do the job...

They are expensive.  But without them, i find my head slumping forward, and pretty soon, I'll have upper back problems and I'll end up looking like a hunchback.  I can already feel the pain.  The problem with me is that I'm somewhat tall and lanky.  I have long legs, an average torso, and long arms.  So the correct typing position for me is having a low desk so my arms can be relaxed, but that interferes with my long legs, so it has to be just high enough to let my legs underneath the desk.  But if I do that, the monitors are WAY too low, and I'm looking down.  So, that's why I need monitor arms to raise it up to my eye level.

I never used to care about ergo, but after getting the monitor arms, I've seen how it makes a lot of sense.  But the real culprit is my crappy mattress.  before that, I never ever had pain in my back.

This probably isn't the correct place for this post, but what the relates.

Seven years ago I was facing needing a new monitor & this was in the infancy of LCD monitors where no matter what you chose you were going to have to accept shortcomings that were not present in CRT monitors at the time so rather than have to deal with deficiencies in my monitor I ordered the biggest, best CRT I could NEC FP2141SB 22" Diamondtron monitor. Other than desk space occupied it easily trounced every LCD monitor when it came to image quality.

Fast forward to today & my monitor is starting to have problems & I am needing a new monitor yet again. I've been heavily researching monitors for the past week and....what the fudge??!!?!! And even these years later it's the same landscape..."no matter what you chose you are going to have to accept shortcomings that are not present in CRT monitors"!!

Even if you go high-end with an IPS-based panel you are facing the risk of getting one with dead pixels, color uniformity issues, etc. And don't even get me started on the sRGB vs. wide gamut hoo-ha!!

What happened to progress?? Bah....maybe I'll just pay to have this Death Star-esque CRT fixed & see what the LCD/LED monitor landscape is like again in another 7 years.


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