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Two computers - one set of secreens etc. Ideas?

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Use a KVM switch + Synergy.

Carol Haynes:
I have a spare keyboard and I have just discovered that my monitor has DVI and VGA inputs that can be manually selected via a button so if I connect my server box via a VGA cable I should be able to flick from my main computer to server with a quick press of the button. I am going to need to check if this works though!

Just tried it with an old high-end CRT I own which has dual inputs and an A/B select switch.

Works like a charm on that. Screen goes nuts for a second as it auto-adjusts to the different screen resolutions. You hear the flyback transformer 'sing' a bit, but it locks on a second later and that's that.  Hope it goes as well for you.

Funny how I've had that monitor all this time and never thought to use the A/B feature. ;D  


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