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"The More You Use Google, the More Google Knows about you"

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Paul Keith:

Your points are well taken.

In general though I wish that people do not use cliche words like tinfoil, paranoia etc anytime similar topics come up. The issue is neither of those because. Whenever I bring up these issues, my real intention is never about " gosh my privacy has been lost lost, life is worthless" point of view. Individuals have right to choose whatever make them feel good or happy. My intention is always bigger side effects of the issues, because individual themselves, especially those who are happy with the controversial stuff will never question any side effects anyways. It is all about the future and the global side effects. And these concerns should never make me or people like me a tinfoil hat crowd, because we are bringing up issues that are far more serious. And these issues will overcrowd real problems in the future, I am that certain about these. It is serious, and never meant to be just about "your cash card", or "your individual right to privacy".

Here is a quote from B. Franklin,

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
another variant
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

you can find the other variants here (April 12, 2010, 12:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

Fair enough. This was how I've always viewed your posts about this subject. That's why it disappointed me that you acted the way you did.

I'm sorry for using tinfoil hat then. I've never had anyone taken offense to that word before. (Although I was never one to use that word to insult a person either.)

Your link is a cliche it self Kartel. Only paranoid will see that as a nice kick starter for a debate about alternative search engines/internet. Arguments if you can call it that is similar to those promoting Linux by thrashing Windows. Paraonoid or those who don't understand that the more you use Google the more you know about them. Like for example their Dashboard letting user handle and get overview of all accounts, setting up public profile or not etc. Have you seen Microsofts "Dashboard"? This is essential for these type of services and where they show how they view users/customers I think. If you look at their privacy pages it seems they are more concerned than most users ever will be! To some degree you can even decide which type of ad you will see.

If real details make "tracking" and spying look less of a threat then skip them. Also acknowledge there are different definitions of what privacy is. Heard of Facebook? old phonebook may be? Now you say privacy is not so important, your fantasy is, but read article again. Main thought is privacy is screwed because of Google.

Without reading the text see if you can find the "error" in this Microsoft video On level with your link and pretty typical for security debate. "Proof" is carefully selected and presented. The one who scream the loudest win. Btw. did you know Microsoft give intelligence agencies access to Windows sourcecode? New meaning to "phone home" threat perhaps? Should be doable. has much more meat on it :) Thinking unknown 3rd party proxies, playing hide and seek is going to change anything is silly. Sells tickets to the often self important "geeky" part of internet users, they have fun with that and quiet down.


You are missing the point. Obviously Microsoft, Google or Amazon etc are all on the same boat. I mean if you are into making money out of people`s consumption frequencies of this thing or that thing, you will want to exploit all avenues to increase  the profit. I never defend or approve those practices.

I do not own a tv, I do not use credit cards, do not subscribe to online social stuff, never own a cash discount card, do not own a motor vehicle etc. Not because I am paranoid, I just think that they are all boring and wasteful. I do not use credit card because I do not like to spend money that I do not myself own. I do not use discount cards because I think that it is a trap to lure you buy more, so simple. I do not even need to look for paranoid clues it is all there. Discount cash cards are traps that will make you buy more but on the other hand they are used for tracking your shopping habits. It is up to you to choose the right side for your cause.

As I mentioned before I do not care about who does what, I care about the "do"s. So coming up with Microsoft vs Google is not going to improve the debate in my view.

The main point and the the most important point in this debate is  " high concentration of data in certain hands". This data is not created by those hands, rather collected by those hands. They do not own it, but they act like they own it. They just created the technology to analyze the data, the data itself is created by people like you.

Again, I am not talking about goverment`s flexing its muscles on individuals, or some corporations technical skills of practicing massive anonymous filtering operations. I really hope that this sentence is taken literally. I am more concerned about the results of these skills in the long run, but if you guys want to talk about individuals or rather small side effects in current , that is fine with me. It is just that that would be rather more blind view on the real problems


I never took "tinfoil" word as an insult. I just think that that kind of stuff never contributes to the conversation. And in many cases similar words are used bluntly as a broad brush to discredit any idea that is not in the scheme of main stream thoughts.


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