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IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer

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I found this one when I was looking for something similar. Links are not clickable in your saved text, and it has no search functions.....but for every entry you add, you can also attach a file and an image.

It was supposed to be geared more towards programmers and has syntax hilighting for a few languages but you can select plain text for your snips instead.

I liked the idea of attaching files to entries.

You could try the free version of net snippets at

Is it true keynotes was discontinued and has there been any continuations of it from its source?


For more on Keynote's closing;

It's a popular application and still seems to be the best-liked and most powerful freeware of its type.

Yeah, if you go to the Keynote forums ( you can read more.  I've been keeping close tabs on the guy (Jalepeno on the keynote forums) who claims to be making his own version of a notes type program and it is VERY impressive.  I will be the first to admit it's current status is vaporware (with 2 screenshots!), but from just some of the preliminary discussion it sounds like it will be a worthy replacement to Keynote.  Here is the forum for that program  Take a look.  Another interesting project that I've been watching is neomem.  Go to and then check the blog and the forum for the latest news.  Hope this helps



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