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IDEA: Notes Snippet organizer

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Thanx rjbull.

You've been a great help.

Mini review


Found only at Codeproject and Abstractspoon.

Main Features
- free
- Html Links, clickable (Josh)
- Text (Josh)
- Categories (Josh)
- Searchable, all (Josh)
- hierchal tree style view (Josh)
- Attach a file link (app103)
- Rolled my own command line that makes a Stickie from a ToDoList task (m_s)
- Format is XML, so I/O is flexible but under stength. Ical, Ganntproject others coming. (kfitting)
- Filters (kfitting)
- Allocated to, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- Link to Task, for grouping tasks other then tree node (Kfitting)
- clean drawing interface (kfitting)
- Drag and drop task (skywalker)
- Sort order of any field, numeric and alpha (skywalka)

My comments
- Active developement
- 22 different fields
- Multiple Lists
- preferences that make it total customisable
- Plugins via tools
- no registry changes, run from thumb drive
- basic multi user
- encryption

My experience
- Tried them all, this one changed my life from chaos to nearly organised, a big statement.!!

Ask me questions, happy to help, although I am not connected in any way.
If I get time soon I will right a full review for the forum.

Note : Graphics can consume huge amounts of space, at your own risk there, but ToDoList can do it.

Hope this helps someone.

Looks interesting... but a little too specific.  This seems geared towards tasking (and appears to do a great job at it!), but for storing notes??  Have to look at it some more.


i was on the verge of buying the pro version of 'mylife organized' with the hope that it would help me do exactly what it said in the title. i think i'll give 'todolist' a go first - looks like it might be just right for the job. thanks for mentioning it, dB.

Its always amusing to reread your own posts the day after, and think, I could/should of been a little clearer.
Because I am familiar with ToDoList, I just assume everyone is.  :-[

ToDoList greatest strength is in its preferences.
To configure as a research-snippet-note taker.

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface >
'Only show editing controls for visible coumns' checked

Open Tools > Preferences > User Interface > Tasklist.
In column visibility, only turn on 'Priority' 'Creation Date' 'Category' 'File Reference' (turn off every thing else)
'Titles' and 'Comments' are always on.

You now have a very clean interface that allows you to
-Search Titles and Comments
-Sort by Title, creation Date, Priority(rating), Category
-Filter by Priority or Category
-Attach a File link to HTML-PDF-DOC etc (for reference)
-Tree order

The preferences and customisation is huge, but allows maximum flexibility.
Showing different fields is just a start.

PS. I have written a AHK scipt that allows me to Cut and Paste to a choosen Todolist via the command line.
When browsing. shortcut 'Win-C' creates a new 'title' with all all Highlighted Text-URL-Time date- added to ToDoList Comments. very quick.



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