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Startup on task bar and sys tray bug

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Midnight Rambler:
I run Screenshot Captor v2.11.02 at startup "C:\Program Files\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe" /autorun and find that it appears both on the task bar and system tray.

End up having to restore main window and choosing "close."

Minor inconvenience yes, but cuts down on productivity.

I'm having the same problem. Any word on a fix for this?

there is an option in screenshot captor preferences dialog to start with windows.
use that instead of your own /autorun and you should be ok, yes?

Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I don't have it in my startup folder. Nevertheless, whenever I reboot, I get a ScreenshotCaptor button in my task bar that I have to close manually.

By the way, the taskbar button for screenshot captor does nothing when I click it. The only thing it responds to is right-click, close. And it's the same on my office machine.


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