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Video Editing software - Any recommendations?

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PAL: I'm in NZ, yes. PAL does not seem to be a mandatory standard here nowadays, as a lot of kit supports dual PAL/NTSC, but you are probably right - a refurbished product could have come from anywhere. I have purchased two other Sony products at approx. 50% discount:

* A set of new/refurbished wireless headphones. They came with a Sony 110V AC PSU, so were probably from US - Japan is 100V AC, I think). The vendor recalled the headphones as they had the wrong PSU AC rating for NZ (should be 240V AC), but I had checked that they worked OK with a spare 240V AC PSU of the same DC output, and asked for the refund of the cost of a PSU as I wanted to keep the headphones (they are very good). No problem.
* A new (not refurbished) Cybershot camera that came with a Japanese-only handbook, so it was probably obvious where that came from.
By the way, refurbished tech products in NZ seem to generally come with a 6-month warranty, as opposed to the usual obligatory (by law) 12-month minimum warranty. However a very nice refurbished DELL laptop that I got for my daughter had a 12-month warranty. Good on DELL for that!    :Thmbsup:

What I wanted to do with the video: I have already done it. Basically cutting bits out, and splicing it back together. It seemed a bit constipated with the de facto software, but at least it works without any apparent visible loss.


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