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Video Editing software - Any recommendations?

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Anyone know about this Pinnacle Video Spin? It's supposedly freeware, but I've not tried it myself.

My guess is it's quite limited, and they probably push an upgrade to the full commercial version.

Just figured I would mention it because the OP wanted free or cheap.

mediachance have a range of video editing  products.
I've never used any of them, nor do I know anyone who has.
At $89, EditStudio PRO may be in the "low cost" category.
The products don't appear to be updated that frequently though, but that does necessarily mean they are not capable editors.
If there are any users of their video editing products, please chime in.

At $89, EditStudio PRO-NigelH (April 20, 2010, 09:29 PM)
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Agh!  When it was with the original developers, PureMotion, (v2.15 is what I had), I found it easy/intuitive and used it all the time for my DV editing.

I tried EditStudio v6 after MediaChance took it over and, IMHO, I found Sony Vegas 5, (which is what I now use even though it's rather old), streets ahead regarding ease-of-use and the ability to just do some really simple things without resorting to a manual.

Nothing against MediaChance, their DVDLab range is the dog's gonads for consumer/prosumer authoring.  Maybe it's just me but EditStudio went from being really easy to use to just....strange, (I can't think of a suitable word to describe how unintuitive it became), after they took it over.

+1 for Vegas AFAIAC ATM, but I'm going to see what the VideoLAN Movie Creator is like - v0.1.0 has been recently released.
Please keep in mind that this is an early release, and that it will (probably) crash many times eat your dog.
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>Video editing software< ? Don't "google it" - just ask Wikipedia!
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>Video editing software< ? Don't "google it" - just ask Wikipedia! (April 25, 2010, 01:12 PM)
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Ecxept that AviDemux falls under the category of a Non Linear Editor not just a video encoding/conversion and is also what I use for more simplified video editing that doesn't require a lot of filter work.


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