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Video Editing software - Any recommendations?

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No thanks on any nch software.
Made that mistake once, that was enough to remember to stay away.
-cmpm (April 05, 2010, 03:43 PM)
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Really? What's wrong with it, I thought it looks quite interesting, tbh. Quietly following this thread, as I'm looking for the same thing, preferably without paying the world for it.

I own something called something like Womble video editor, but I'm not exactly loving it, even if it kinda gets the job done...

NCH software is install on demand.

In other words, download 1 program, any program of theirs, you get direct links to all their programs.
And if you want to burn a cd it automatically will download and install it's burning program and make it the default program for burning.
Same with the rest of the programs they have.

Yeah, I'd say Vegas. I haven't used Vegas Movie Studio, their simpler home user version, but I think it's based on their higher-end product and if that's the case I recommend it. Certainly Vegas Pro is a great app. Of course I haven't tried Final Cut, but since it's not available on Windows... :D

- Oshyan

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is available for free for a while.

For Mpeg2 editing and DVD burning, Videoredo TV Suite is excellent.


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