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keyboard toggle app


I have a computer that I use as a server. I don't use it most of the time, and the keyboard is sometimes bumped, causing buttons to be clicked etc that can be hazardous to a server PC (for example, if i somehow closed an application by hitting the keyboard).

Is there a way to have a very simple app that basically has a key combination to toggle the keyboard on and off, so that these inadvertant keypresses don't occur? Sorry if such a thing exists, my (admittedly limited) searches came up with just programming examples of how to do it and was not sure how to implement it myself.

What operating system are you talking about?
What's wrong with the Lock Workstation command on Windows?
I'm sure all modern OS's have an equivalent.

ToddlerTrap by Skrommel

Kid-Key-Lock (freeware) or Pro-Key-Lock (commercial).

Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough responses.

As for locking it, I actually had not thought of that. Thanks for pointing it out, but monitoring my server apps is actually important and locking the station would impede that.

Thanks for the link to toddler trap, sounds exactly like what I need! Come to think of it, I believe I even saw the original request for this and had forgotten entirely about it.

As for kid-key-lock and pro-key-lock, thanks for your links, I will try if toddlertrap doesn't suit my needs.


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