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Should I swtich from w7 32 bit to w7 64 bit?

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Carol Haynes:
Ralink and Edimax seem to be the same company - I have bought a number of Edimax wireless products (cheap and cheerful and seem to work well) and they all appear as Ralink devices.

January  year (09) I have a computer 64 BIT (TOP OF THE LINE ? :down:)
nothing work. Have to go back to to 32.
Pain in the ass to be in the frontline.
But some hard shield must always take the stand ;)
I'm surprised that this is problem (year 10)

January  year (09) I have a computer 64 BIT (TOP OF THE LINE ? :down:)
nothing work. Have to go back to to 32.
Pain in the ass to be in the frontline.
-Bjorn_Bear (April 10, 2010, 04:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

You may have had trouble in 2009, but running a 64-bit OS is hardly being on the 'front line' anymore. Every computer you can buy at the Big Box stores come with Win7 x64 anymore.

If, however, you are building your computer yourself a little research before buying your components will yield a happy experience with Windows 7 x64.

My only aggravation is my old CRT monitor doesn't have a 64-bit driver for it.  :(

Been on Vista x64 since November 2007. Just because I bought the Dell system with it, and one of the intentions was to run VMWare on it with several VM's in parallel. Now it's just a pity that there's only 4 GB of RAM in it, in 1 GB modules, and replacing that is rather expensive, as there are no vacant dimm slots.
Mots troubles back then where hardware drivers and AV issues. There was no proper x64 version of what AV package available. Luckily that all changed big time over the last 2 years.
Switched to Windows 7 x64 last September. Now only wait for my PC to get replaced, by the end of this year, so I can have more RAM (I'm aiming for 16 GB 8)) to finally run more than 3 VM's (2003/2008 server) next to each other, and actually use them/put to work at the same time.

All my new/re-installed PC's (at home as well) get treated with x64 Windows 7 these days, as I haven't found any current software that won't work on 64 bit Windows yet. (The earlier troubles are long gone). And the use of extra memory is a nice benefit for most software.
Sometimes older hardware, like Canon & HP printers and Canon scanners, need to be hooked up directly to get the proper drivers from Windows Update, but after that they can be easily connected through the network.

Hi Masubi,
Why don't you list a number of "must have" programs you want to run on a 64 bit system so members already on 64 machines can give you a definite aa'yes" or "no"


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