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Bypassing the VBA password in Excel


I don't know if this forum is against hacking tools but this is nothing I can't do myself - I just don't like reinventing the wheel.

I have made an Excel add-in with custom functions that I and many other ppl at my company use.
I gave myself full control & others read only access but IT changed permissions & somehow somebody else got in & changed the VBA password so now I can't edit & add new functions  :wallbash:
I don't have another unprotected copy so my only option is to get past the VBA password.

I've searched google but can only find commercial apps for $30-$50.
I'm not prepared to pay that for a once off thing.

Does anyone here know a good freeware solution?

Otherwise I think I can do this with brute force & an autohotkey script but that might take hours or days...
Has anyone made such a password generating script in AHK?
If so I could just modify for the VBA situation.

but that might take hours or days
--- End quote ---

Or months or years, depending on the password.   :(

I'm reasonably sure it wasn't changed intentionally & my guess would be it consist of just alphanumeric characters with length under 15.
So I would only try passwords in that range a a first pass ...


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