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Create MP3's from folder names


When I'm using my MP3 player in the car I'd like to know the folder being played without looking at it.

With my Archos Recorder the amazing Rockbox software provided this ability. It went through your music library and created a sound file for all your songs and folders. Which played before the folder/file.

With the demise of my Archos i'm looking for a suitable replacement utility that will creat an MP3 based upon the folder name and place it in the folder so that it will play first.

Any suggestions?


I wrote a command line program for you in Java. It may take a minute for all of the files to be created.

folders.exe "C:\Music\"

THANX for the program.

It did create !.wav files and put them in the correct folders. I have some ATT 16bit voices installed and they sound great. But, unfortunately my MP3 player does not play .wav files. (A surprise to me)

I converted all the .wav to .mp3, using SUPER. Now it plays the .mp3 folder title. But, it plays them LAST in the folder.

I tried renaming to: 0.mp3, A.mp3, 000.mp3, ... nothing seemed to work. After some research on the web, I changed the Modified and Created Dates for the file to year 2000. Still no success. Might have something to do with the order they are written to the player the first time.

Also some .wav seem to have chopped the end of the last word of the folder off. I wonder if the file can be stretched a second or so.

Any suggestions?

A direct to .mp3 would be nice, save some steps.




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