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wow! i stumbled across this extremely cool page and it turns out it's allen's page!!!  :tellme:

some of the projects on it:  (Image-Based Quote Randomizer - very cool; if you've noticed allen's signatures now you know what he uses to make those)  (come on this is cool.. markup language and rendering code for describing+generating stick figures!)  (very cool online graphics generator) (online collaborative poem)

allen's blog is also great - discussion of imagiine
hope he won't mind me mentioning it here  :-[


While modest, I'd be crazy not to welcome a positive receipt of some of my projects ;)  Thanks for the kind post, mouser.

StickML is probably the most asinine thing I've ever done, it's the longest possible route to pixel image creation and I, sadly enough, enjoy it.  I've put quite a few hours into mapping images.  Maybe more hours than I've actually put into developing the StickML engine . . .  :(

imagiine can do everything .img can do -- my signature is actually imagiine, not .img -- the primary difference is how things are processed.  .img relies primarily on url encoded data (though it can also be called from a file for easier editing) -- and allows for a single instance of a function.  It's easier to quickly throw together a random quote, but fairly limited.  Imagiine on the other hand processes its commands in a linear fashion, accepting only data file configurations rather than URL based.  Instead of adding tx1 for text field 1, etc. in imagiine you just use the text function as many times as necessary and they'll be drawn in suit.  The config files are a bit more complicated than .img but you can do a lot more -- draw shapes, give alpha transparency to different elements, etc.

One project you didn't mention, that I've worked on the most the last week or two, is my web based regex find/replace utility.

I've had a terrible time working out all the kinks with escape characters, but the version I uploaded a few minutes ago might, finally, have thos bugs licked.  Quite a few people here are familiar with regex.  If anyone wants to try to find a hole in my query parser, feel free to give it a go.  Might even find it handy, you can save queries by bookmarking the save link for quick access later.

brilliant - an online regex replacer!  :up:

It's prior versions were only moderately useful -- it choked with really advanced regexes and certain code and such.  My biggest problem was that I was trying to make it portable in case there was any demand for, and I decided to share, the source.  I finally gave up on portability, at least for the moment,  so it only runs if magic_quotes_gpc are disabled on the php server.  That should be a relatively easy fix if I get around to it, though.  So, I -think- everything is in order, unless of course some regex buffs can find error.  At least the obvious ones are out of the way now.


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