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Question - Does anyone know of such a program? - Data organizer

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TreePad X Enterprise.  No. Do not confuse it with the Treepad freebie. Check it out here:

There is c-organizer pro [...]
Moreover, you can synchronize your C-Organizer Appointments, Tasks, Contacts and Notes with your Pocket PC or Palm devices!
-ha14 (April 15, 2010, 04:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

I like my Palm T3 a lot and use it all the time.  But I don't see what future it has, because Palm abandoned their users.  They didn't make a desktop that allows the T3 to synch with Vista (or Win7, presumably).  The Palm TX desktop doesn't synch with Win98SE (that's on my old laptop and does synch with T3), so even if I had a TX, I have no way of transferring to it from the T3, and besides, I hear the TX screen doesn't last long.  So, Palm synch looks an illusory benefit.  Shame, because I would really like handheld compatibility.

Hi Rjbull
What about Intellisync (Pumatech, Inc.) to sync your palms with windows, I think you can use it with windows 98. Did you tried with c-organizer and what happened?

Well palm had to evolve with the market and now most people likes a mobile pda!! less wants only pda, so palm os should evolve in the right direction furnishing an uptodate OS, but with palm pre is also possible to use palm old application by installing an emulator such as classic. Even Zodiac is not optimized, new games needs a better OS that renders high definition game play, well apparently this is where is going most applications are easy to get it done but game player on palm mobile wants more. Palm OS had an easy use interface and still I like it. Also no one is forced to let down Treo, companies has to evolve with the market, even that windows 98 is simpler no one will go now to windows 98!!!!

Would a (messy) solution to palm syncing be to run a virtualized o/s (eg using sun virtualbox) that works with palm syncing and set up a shared folder with the host o/s?

@ha14:  I think Pumatech must have disappeared; can't find a Web site.  The main hits for Intellisync seem to be related to Nokia, presumably specific to them, unless I'm barking up the wrong tree entirely?

@tsaint:  Your solution sounds scarily technical, but it seems the problem may not, after all, be the OS as such.  Loading the Palm TX (Palm 6?) Desktop allows a one-way sync from Palm T3 to PC, but opening the Desktop gives blank entries.  I am told that Palm changed the database format between T3 and TX, which is why the Desktop won't show anything.  You'd think they would have added a conversion program  :(  It puts Palm on my black list of companies whose products I won't buy in future.


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