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Anyone familiar with Oops!Backup?

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I have another remark about Oops!Backup.  So far I used it on folders having relatively small files, so I didn't notice.  Then, recently, I started to include a folder that containes my (big) outlook .pst files.  When a new backup is performed and when a .pst has been changed, OB first seems to backup the whole .pst, then perform the reverse delta operation.  Since I have a lot of .pst, it really take ages.  Even if the storage is efficient after the backup is done, it would be great if OB could only save the content of the reverse delta data, then create the last version file on the destination and not the other way around.  It would be time efficient, as well as space efficient.

Hi MerleOne, yes you are right..

Unfortunately for a backup destination to receive the delta file with changes and then rebuild the original file, it needs to be an "intelligent" backend, which a USB drive or network share is not.
We will be working on this type of functionality (ie. a backend receiver application) in the future though.


Thanks for your reply !

Thanks Simon.

I'll just comment on this :

Regarding the date discrepancy if a few files are skipped due to being locked then Oops!Backup still considers that as a successful backup.  Therefore the timestamp will still show up in the backintime browser.  There is a way to protect against this:

From the Advanced Settings in the Manager window -
- Enable VSS
- Disable "Backup anyway if VSS fails".
-Simon(Altaro) (October 19, 2010, 08:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

Ah ! this is it. And so I guess that the wrong file wouldn't have been there if this option had been unchecked ?

In any case, as I suggested in the Altaro forum, I think that if, for some reasons, the file wasn't backed up or badly backed up , etc., I think that there should be some UI warning at restore informing the user... A popup, a Color code, ...  "not all files restored were properly backed up last time, and you should review those : File list ". Or something along these lines.


Hi Armando,

Yes exactly - disabling that option would have prevented the problem. 

I really like your suggestion and I will definitely add it to our development wish list.



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