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Anyone familiar with Oops!Backup?

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-I *guess* the Genie forum has been replaced by the blog and the common support.


For a limited time you can get Genie Timeline 2.1 Professional for 25% OFF
-Genie PRO
--- End quote ---

I suppose you're right, Curt <sigh> I had high hopes for GTL and grew frustrated with the lack of bug fixes and relied on the forum to keep track of what was going on, what issues other users had (so that I could act accordingly), and development. Honestly, what put me over the edge was the lack of progress in fixing the bugs that existed/incorporation of ideas such as using an existing backup and the fact that every bug fix that got released seemed to introduce new bugs!

OK my abject apologies - rant over. I like Genie software and hope they get this sorted out. For now, I'm VERY happy with Oops!Backup Pro.

-some time ago I wanted to test Oops! but I never got past SyncBreeze. I really LIKE it, even though it is not a genuine back-up program but merely a synchronizer between a few folders. I must admit I almost never care to 'third-party'-back-up my computer, but of course Vista's back-up is running once a day.

It is based on FlexTk File Manager Toolkit.

Searching around lately I've seen nothing but good comments about Oops!Backup. If I were bright enough to be an author or programmer ;), I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

But alternatives do exist--some free. Particularly if you simply cannot afford to buy, backup/versioning freebies like these could be worth a look:




Does Oops!Backup fully support Unicode? The word 'Unicode' is not mentioned on their site, not even in the otherwise amazing user guide.


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